Published March 30, 2024

Using music as brain fuel

This is regarding the article “Using music as brain fuel” by Sehrish Naz (February 3, 2024). I agree with the writer that music serves not only as a form of entertainment, but also possesses a soothing and soul-boosting quality, which aids in enhancing focus and alleviates the monotony of study sessions. I think there is no harm if someone listens to soothing music while studying.

Iman Waqas,


I agree with the views of Sehrish Naz in her article “Using music as brain fuel” that those who love to listen to music while studying should be careful not to select upbeat pop tunes because they can disrupt concentration and take away attention from the studies.

It’s essential to select music that doesn’t distract or overwhelm, and offers a conducive study environment.

Ayla Raza,

A miraculous escape

This concerns the story “A miraculous escape” by Muhammad Ibrahim Shafi (YW, February 10). The story sheds light on an incident of kidnapping and how a seemingly ordinary individual transformed into a kidnapper. The writer emphasised the importance of never trusting unfamiliar persons.

Regardless of how simple someone may appear, these seemingly harmless individuals can be very dangerous. It is wiser to keep a distance before any unfortunate incidents occur.

Sarfaraz Ahmed,


The story “A miraculous escape” by Muhammad Ibrahim Shafi revolves around one of the most important pieces of advice given to us by our parents from a very young age: “Never trust strangers”.

We’ve always been cautioned by our elders to avoid strangers who may apply various tactics to lure us away from public places, whether by asking for directions or offering candies and toys.

It is my request to kids to remain alert when they’re out among strangers and be vigilant of their surroundings. Remember, safety comes first!

Maaz Saqib,

Guddu and his art wall

This is concerning the story “Guddu and his art wall” by Faizan Usmani (YW, February 3). The story highlighted embracing your talents or skills in a way that they don’t create trouble in others’ lives.

This story also illustrated the message of honouring the rules and regulations of specific places like schools, houses and roadsides.

Amina Amjid,

Published in Dawn, Young World, March 30th, 2024



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